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FIT4FLIGHT - aerial-specific home workouts Buy Bundle (7 videos) FIT4FLIGHT - aerial-specific home workouts

5 aerial-specific workouts each - under 40 minutes + Bonus restorative stretch session

  • Follow along with full workouts featuring exercises specifically chosen to aid aerial strength and flexibility.

  • Comes with workout checklists and a workout plan

  • Learn as you train – includes anatomical explanations to empower you with knowledge

  • Focus points: splits, inversion strength, key aerial shapes, microbends, and toe point

  • Develop strength and stamina in key aerial shapes

  • No special equipment needed!

    One of the most powerful and overlooked ways to take your aerial skills to the next level begins on the ground

    In the air, there is a lot to think about – form is easily lost, the grip fades, and you have to use a lot of brainpower on safety. 

    On the ground, you can carefully focus on each little detail, identifying where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and developing your form, strength, and flexibility with intention. 

Who is it for?

  • The prospective aerialist who wants to build strength and flexibility before trying an aerial class

  • The experienced aerialist who wants to get stronger and more flexible on their own time

  • The traveling aerialist who needs a way to stay in shape when they can’t access an apparatus

  • The recovering aerialist looking to rebuild their practice after time away

Informative, Effective, & Fun

  • Knowledge & Fitness! 

  • Workouts can be done 100% at home – no apparatus needed

  • Each workout is under 40 minutes

  • No special equipment needed

  • Includes optional workout plan

  • Download and keep videos forever

  • Note: checklists are added as a "resource" in the BASE workout. 

Total (including taxes)
USD $67.00